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Buy ball machine and give a boost to your tennis game. Why do you need one?

Most people purchase tennis ball machines

for two related reasons:
1. They want to improve their tennis games.
2. They want to play anytime they like and they need a partner that is ready when they are.

These machines are of course, not real people, but since they are not people, they don't get tired and they are more accurate and more consistent than people.

How will a tennis ball machine improve your game?

Buy ball machine because there is no question it is an excellent tennis training tool that will take your game to new levels. While no machine can teach you tennis, ball machines are great tennis training aids that will build your confidence, improve your tennis strokes, and strengthen your overall fitness. Unfortunately, tennis isn't played standing still, so ball machines that strike only one spot do not make the best tennis training aids. It's not good enough to improve your stroke; it's about getting to the ball, and then hitting the ball where your opponent isn't.

Buy ball machine that can do the job like an oscillating tennis ball machine will best allow you to develop the footwork necessary to become an advanced player. The repetitive training offered by a ball machine will allow you to solidify your strokes, quickly transforming weak areas into strengths. Remember, machines will never take the place of the most important tennis training aids, tennis pros, but ball machines are tennis training tools that will take your existing strokes to new heights and transform your tennis lessons from theory to every day reality.


What level of player do you need to be to use a ball machine?

Buy ball machine and raise your level of play regardless of where you are in terms of how good or bad you are as a player.

It's a common misconception that very good players don't need to use a ball machine or that new players to the game cannot benefit from a tennis ball machine. The fact is a tennis ball machine can be used at whatever level you happen to be at. If you are a beginner, use the machine at low speeds to throw the ball in the same place over and over until the stroke is seared into your muscle memory. Once you build your confidence set the machine to throw a couple of feet to your right or left, leaving plenty of time between shots to allow you to start working on your footwork and recovery time and get back into ready position. One of the reason it's a good idea to buy ball machine to improve your game.

So you buy ball machine for the previous reasons and more.As you master a close ball, adjust the machine to strike further and further away from the center of the court. Do this drill for both your forehand and your backhand. Once this skill has been mastered, turn on the oscillation on the machine but maintain the feed at a high interval between shots. You may increase the feed speed as you get more comfortable. The next step is increasing amounts of spin and practicing volleys at the net, and overheads. As you get more proficient you may increase feed speed and ball throwing speed according to your level. Remember you always want to push yourself slightly beyond your comfort zone. Never practice at a level that is too high or too basic. As you improve, the ball machine will rise to challenge you.

Buy ball machine whether you're a proficient tennis player, you play in tournaments and you think you don't need a ball machine. After all, the tennis pros use hitting partners, right? The reality is everyone has weaknesses in their game. By repetitively practicing your weaknesses you will master them and transform yourself into a very well-rounded player. Even the best players are constantly pushing the envelope with new, more challenging shots. You must be prepared to counter the next great tennis shot. A ball machine can help you do just that.

Some excellent tennis ball machines:

Playmate Slam - $7,495.00
Retail Price: $7,505.00

Playmate Smash - $4,395.00
Retail Price: $4,405.00

Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine - $3,100.00
Retail Price: $3,110.00

Lobster Elite Grandslam V-LE - $2,799.00
Retail Price: $2,809.00

Playmate Portable Series - $1,795.00
Retail Price: $1,805.00

Lobster Elite 3 - $1,599.00
Retail Price: $1,609.00

Lobster Elite 2 - $1,349.00
Retail Price: $1,359.00

Tennis Tower Tennis Ball Machine - $1,275.00
Retail Price: $1,285.00

Tennis Tutor Plus Tennis Ball Machine - $1,249.00
Retail Price: $1,259.00

Wilson Portable Ball Machine - $1,095.00
Retail Price: $1,105.00

Lobster Elite Freedom - $799.00
Retail Price: $809.00

Tennis Tutor ProLite Tennis Ball Machine - $649.00
Retail Price: $659.00

Tennis Cube Tennis Ball Machine - $499.00
Retail Price: $509.00

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