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A tennis ball machine can improve a tennis player's game tremendously. It is one of the most revolutionary training aids

ever developed in tennis with precision balls hurled automatically to you in whatever direction you desire. You can instantly regulate the spin - topspin or backspin, speed, height, and direction of the ball. It speeds up a tennis player's development.

Tennis ball machines are not simply an expensive substitute for a practice partner or coach. Ball machines provide a serious player with consistent, correct, repetition of stroke patterns that are essential to producing a dependable stroke. Repetition is by far the best teacher and by providing a practice ball that has the same height, depth, and pace, tennis ball machines allow strokes to be reinforced correctly.

It acts as a tennis ball thrower to a coach. Without it, he simply throws the ball at a student. With the tennis ball machine, the tennis coach does the job more effectively, freeing him to more concentrated instruction while the balls are being dispensed by the machine.

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A tennis ball machine can do the process more effectively than a tennis coach. It can throw the ball with gradual speed, soft at first, if you're a beginner and faster and with more power as you progress. And remember, a tennis ball machine has such accuracy that you develop the right forehand, backhand, lob, overhead smash. Any tennis stroke, in fact, except the serve.

This page has some of the most popular tennis ball machines in the market. Although these machines are all good, they differ in the features for each brand and/or model. You can choose one for yourself according to pricing and/or your level of play.

All of the widely known brands of tennis machines are well-made and should give you many years of service. Remember that the more features, the more you should expect to pay, generally speaking. It all depends upon your dedication to the game: if you think that it's just one of those stuff like exercise machines that you will likely give up after a few times of use, buy the most basic ones which will run you a couple hundred dollars.

But if you think that down the road, you'll be still devoted to the game of tennis, get the one with the features that will serve you well like an oscillating machine which allows you to develop your footwork. These machines throw balls at different areas of the court at different velocity, providing a more realistic setting for your practice outings.

So my friends, try adding it to your list of equipment for tennis arsenal. Buy ball machine with the realistic expectation that with a set regimen, you can't help but improve with each succeeding ball machine hitting practice.

Different Brands of Tennis Ball Machines:

Playmate Slam - $7,495.00
Retail Price: $7,505.00

Playmate Genie - $5,995.00
Retail Price: $6,005.00

Playmate Deuce - $5,195.00
Retail Price: $5,205.00

Playmate Serve Lift - $4,695.00
Retail Price: $4,705.00

Playmate Smash - $4,395.00
Retail Price: $4,405.00

Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine - $3,100.00
Retail Price: $3,110.00

Lobster Elite Grandslam V-LE - $2,799.00
Retail Price: $2,809.00

Lobster Elite Grandslam V - $2,199.00
Retail Price: $2,209.00

Lobster Elite Grandslam IV - $1,899.00
Retail Price: $1,909.00

Playmate Portable Series - $1,795.00
Retail Price: $1,805.00

Lobster Elite 3 - $1,599.00
Retail Price: $1,609.00

Lobster Elite 2 - $1,349.00
Retail Price: $1,359.00

Tennis Tower Tennis Ball Machine - $1,275.00
Retail Price: $1,285.00

Tennis Tutor Plus Tennis Ball Machine - $1,249.00
Retail Price: $1,259.00

Wilson Portable Ball Machine - $1,095.00
Retail Price: $1,105.00

Lobster Elite 1 - $1,089.00
Retail Price: $1,099.00

Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machine - $1,049.00
Retail Price: $1,059.00

Lobster Elite Freedom - $799.00
Retail Price: $809.00

Tennis Tutor ProLite Tennis Ball Machine - $649.00
Retail Price: $659.00

Tennis Cube Tennis Ball Machine - $499.00
Retail Price: $509.00

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