Basic Tennis Instruction to Help You Become a Better Tennis Player

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This website provides basic tennis instruction on the fundamental strokes of tennis.

It will be helpful for a player but won't substitute for the tennis lessons that a tennis coach can provide. Nevertheless, if it will help you improve your game then, has done its purpose which is to assist the average player become a better tennis player.

If there are three words that I can advise you as a beginning or intermediate tennis player, those are: practice, practice, practice. There are no shortcuts in learning the game. The strokes take time to develop. You keep on honing them until you do them without thinking.

If your groundstrokes consistently fall within a few feet of the base line, then that's a sign that you are indeed getting better. If your serves always hit the service box and close to the service line, they are great indication that you're doing well.

If you can approach the net and have more winners more than errors, you are progressing indeed. There's a lot to learn, 'tho. But one doesn't stop learning. Be active and keep hitting the ball - the right way.

But yes, all the tennis instruction in the world will do you no good if you don't practice.

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I, together with tens of thousands of fans, followed Andre Agassi's career

from the time he burst into the tennis scene in 1986. And we were all awed by the power he demonstrated on the tennis court. But like other tennis greats of the past, he didn't acquire his tremendous power easily. He started hitting the ball at a young age, even before he could barely hold a tennis racquet in his hands.

He simply kept whacking the tennis ball, day in, day out. You could imagine he went through lots of practice until with constant repetition (and with the help of a supportive dad and good tennis coaches), he developed that feared forehand and that lighting return of serve. Yes, lots and lots of time on the court.

Tennis Serve: Flat or Basic Serve, Topspin Serve, The Slice

Return of Serve

The Forehand

The Backhand

The Volley

The Lob

The Overhead

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If you are looking for tennis instruction that can revolutionize your game, Brent Abel is highly recommended. Go to his site,

Brent Abel can help you:
•With his excellent tennis instruction, dramatically improve any or all of your tennis strokes...
- serve
- one-handed backhand groundstroke
- forehand groundstroke
- two-handed backhand groundstroke
- forehand and backhand volleys
- returns of serve for singles & doubles
- overhead
- lob
- drop shot

• Understand the simple yet essential keys to Footwork. You can quickly improve a decisive first step, efficient movement, proper spacing away from the incoming ball for a perfect hitting position
• Develop the necessary mental skills for practice and competition
• Reap the benefits of becoming more focused on court positioning - Finally understand exactly how superior court positioning in your singles and doubles strategies can have an enormous effect on challenging your opponents.
• Get fitter and learn simple exercises for tennis specific injury prevention, greatly reduce the risk of of tennis elbow, rotator cuff, and other tennis related injuries
• Learn to become an "all-court" tennis player, how to stop being a one-dimensional predominately baseline player
• Enjoy this beautiful game for your lifetime, and while you're doing that...
• Just plain have more FUN with your tennis...!  Go to

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