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Building money-making websites is easier than you think. All you need is enthusiasm and yes, some hard work and the ability to write a few good words.

It could be about tennis, basketball, handicrafts, health, games, parenting, anything. Make the subject of your website about something that you have a passion for, that you know something about, that you are more or less familiar with.

The world wide web is a great place, full of information about anything under the sun. That's the reason why you see all those sites sprouting everywhere: people like to share their information about the topics that they care for. To build money-making websites wasn't their plan but they found out to their delight that it's a good source of income.

The websites that they had built provide information to surfers and help them in different ways.Through affiliation with merchants of your choice, you too can build money-making websites out of your expertise.

There are web hosts that are available to help you. But one which I greatly recommend is SBI. SBI is extremely useful in building money-making websites. They have estimated their tools that come with hosting to be worth as much as $5,000 and increasingly worth more as they add more tools to make site building easier.

To make cash with a website that you love building is a great experience. To make a living with website that you designed and built from scratch is not a pipe dream anymore. To build money-making websites with the information that you have which you want to impart to people all over the world is within your reach.

This site, All About, is just one of many money-making websites and is in the top 2% of all websites according to Alexa.

Wait a minute! I just checked it and I found out that this site just cracked the top 1% according to Alexa. It blew me away. It's great to be ranked this high for a small site like this. But indeed Solo Build It! (SBI!) does wonders. Come on, try it. This website is earning me money which I didn't expect I would get with a small site like this one. The money certainly helps with my finances. studied 56.1 million active sites recently (there are now more than 100 million). A site that ranks 1,000,000 at is the 1,000,000th most trafficked site on the Web. That means...

A site that ranks 560,000 at Alexa is in the Top 1% of all sites (1% of 56 million). A site with a 1,120,000 Alexa ranking is in the top 2 percent. A site with a 1,680,000 Alexa ranking is in the top 3rd percentile.

Alexa is a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool. It is owned by and powered by Google -- it measures traffic-popularity based on a sampling of over 10 million users.

If you would like to start a website about tennis, basketball or any sports, handicrafts, parenting, or any subject; or you are presently a webmaster but your website, after it's been around for quite a while hasn't attracted visitors, then I highly recommend Ken Evoy's Solo Build It! (SBI!) is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business. To build website make money is within your reach with SBI

Consider this:
62% of SBI! sites rank within the top 3% most popular sites.
53% rank within the most visited 2% of all sites.
35% score in the top 1%.

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