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The Prince Hot Shot with Remote Tennis Ball Machine is the best Specialty Product you can get. This tennis ball machine is perfect for professional tennis schools and professional players who want to make no compromises in quality and versatility. Holds over 250 balls and comes with a 6-shot, 7-position shot selection.

Its assembly and service is simple, in fact, it can be set up in a minute. With great looks, the ball is fired out of the machine about 30 inches off of the ground, which makes it a more realistic shot for anybody to return.

Fully programmed or random shot sequences, and is AC-operated only, this Prince Tennis Ball Machine also comes with variable top/backspin, 10 to 80 mph (16 to 128 kilometer) variable speed, variable ball-feed rate (1.5 to 8 seconds), and an optional single function remote control for turning ball feed on and off.

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