Develop A Slice Serve For An Effective Backup First Or Second Serve

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The slice serve is hit with side spin causing the ball to swerve very wide to the forehand side in the right service court. The serve , when effective, will force your opponent to move very quickly to recover position, thus testing his stamina. When thrown at the backhand in the same court, the ball will swerve into your opponent's body thereby forcing errors.

The Continental grip must be used with this service stroke. You need to alter your ball toss a little and to apply sidespin and a little topspin to the ball, you must hit up and around the outside of the ball.

Here are the steps to the slice serve.

1. Toss the ball to the right of your front shoulder.

2. Turn your hitting shoulder away while leaning on your bent front knee.

3. Keep your racquet elbow high as the racquet head falls deep into the throwing position.

4. With the weight transferred forwards and upwards as your knees straighten, snap your wrist forwards, sending the racquet head away almost head-on, hitting the ball just below center on its right side.

5. Follow the stroke through with the racquet past your left side similar to the basic serve.

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USTA's High-Performance Tennis: The Serve Video (Copyright 2001)

USTA's High-Performance Tennis: The Serve Video (Copyright 2001)

Great servers dominate the game of tennis with consistency, accuracy, power, disguise, and variety. Learn the technique of the top pros and apply it to your game! USTA's High-Performance Tennis: The Serve video features the top servers in the game: Pete Sampras , Venus Williams, Serena Williams,Marat Safin, Richard Krajicek, Lindsay Davenport Lleyton Hewitt Shot with a high-speed camera capable of producing super-slow-motion images, the video gives you an unparalleled ability to analyze every facet of serving. With this footage you'll be able to see precisely how top players deal with each phase of serving including the slice serve. You'll learn how to study the serve and improve your ability to analyze serves for yourself or your players. The Serve takes you through the four phases of the serve: preparation, loading, hitting, and follow-through. Super- slow motion, stop action, graphics, and superb instruction help you analyze every facet of the stroke and see exactly what elements are needed for a dominating serve. Replays from numerous angles during U.S. Open television coverage allow you to see the servers' technique and see how to transfer that technique to the court. About the Author The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the governing body for tennis in the United States. The USTA's membership consists of more than 500,000 individuals and nearly 6,500 organizations, including schools, park and recreation departments or community tennis associations, and tennis clubs.

Improve your slice serve with the video above.

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