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Learning about stringing machines, how to operate them, and after a certain period of time, becoming an expert in their operations could be an important source of income for anybody immersed in the game of tennis.

For most individual players, owning these machines is not recommended. For once, you only need to restring your tennis racquets once or twice a year, more often if you play a lot.

If you own a sporting goods store, it helps to have one. It drives sales of your tennis racquets and charging for restringing provides extra income.

For the regular player, taking up stringing racquet as a hobby could be a rewarding experience. What could be better than playing the game that you love and deriving income off it. It could also help you financially if your retirement is down the road.

If you belong in a large circle of tennis-playing friends or acquaintances, you can help your son or daughter earn some extra money for college by buying them a stringing machine. Once they become proficient in its use, they can advertise their services and make cash in their spare time.

The basic types of machines include:

Drop weight machines.
These use a lever and weight to tension the string. To achieve a particular tension the weight is moved to a specific location on the lever. The string is attached to a gripper found at the lever's base. The user tensions the string by tilting the lever.

Usually, drop weight machines are cheaper than other models.

Lockout machines. These are more fully described as "lockout spring and brake machines." They use a hand-operated crank to pull the string and tension it. When a preselected tension is reached, a lever is tripped and the tensioning operation stops, with a brake used to hold the tension at that point.

Known also as "instant off" machines, lockout machines are especially accurate and facilitate fast stringing. For this reason they are often favored by pro shops.

Electric (or "electronic") machines. These have electric motors to tension the string, via a string gripper that is controlled by an electronic circuit.

The prices of these machines, especially the electronic ones, continue to go down. Below are some popular machines. Take your pick.

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