US Open Men's Trivia

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Here's the cream of the crop, the US Open Men's Trivia. Tennis afficionados talk about them all the time while resting in between sets on tennis courts or sipping their drinks after the game.

Most Singles Wins
7 Bill Larned (1872-1926)
Richard Sears (1861-1943)
Bill Tilden
5Jimmy Connors
Pete Sampras
4 John McEnroe
Roger Federer
Robert Wrenn
3 Oliver Campbell
Ivan Lendl
Fred Perry
Malcolm Whitman
1911 Oldest US singles champion William Larned 38 years 242 days
1890 2nd youngest US singles champion Oliver Campbell 19 years 190 days
1929 wins more titles than any other man in US Championships (16)Bill Tilden
1949 Longest US singles final (67 games)
1990 youngest US singles champion Pete Sampras 19 years 28 days
1969 Longest singles in US ChampionshipsF D Robbins (US) bt Dick Dell (US)22-20 9-7 6-8 8-10 6-4 100 games
Most Titles Singles/Doubles/Mixed16 Bill Tilden (US) 7, 5, 4
13 Richard Sears (US) 7 6
Triple Champions Singles/Doubles/Mixed 1922 Bill Tilden(US)
1923 Bill Tilden(US)
1938 Don Budge (US) - mixed partner Alice Marble also triple champion
1951 Frank Sedgman(Aus)
1954 E V Seixas (US) - mixed partnerDoris Hart also triple champion
1956 Ken Rosewall
1959 N A Fraser (Aus)
1960 N A Fraser (Aus)
Richard D Sears, the first champion, was also the first US Amateur Real Tennis champion in 1892.
In 1970 the US Open was the first tournament in which the tie-breaker was used.

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