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Expand your tennis skills and knowledge with Tennis magazine -- the world's most popular tennis publication. The magazine brings you exclusive step-by-step instruction from pros who will help you improve your serve, smooth the hitch in your backhand, and play the percentages. The magazine also offers the most comprehensive racquet and shoe reviews in the industry.

Magazine Review and Description:Whether you play or your passion doesn't get past the stands, Tennis gives you what you crave. Every issue of the world's favorite tennis magazine features advice from the pros on how to improve your game, recaps of the most exciting professional match ups, and interviews with the stars of the court.

This publication reaches so many players nationwide. Offering a free years subscription with a United States Tennis Association (USTA) membership allows them to reach out to junior players, rated team members, and tennis pros across the United States. It is by far the most read tennis publication, at least in the U.S.

Each month Tennis gives you in-depth reports on your favorite players, gives previews of all of the big tournaments, and features many playing tips by editors, players, and possibly even pros from your hometown. The pictures are in color and there are also many illustrations throughout the magazine. All articles are well written, and the instruction is very helpful.

Another good thing about Tennis is it's advertising section. In the back of each issue there are ads for everything from tennis superstores, to colleges where you can study to become a tennis teaching professional ! There are also special issues each year dedicated to rating the top tennis camps and resorts. Also, they rate all of the new tennis gear (racquets, shoes, accessories) as it is released throughout the year.

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Tennis Magazine - 1 Year Subscription (10 Issues)

Tennis Magazine - 1 Year Subscription (10 Issues)

For active tennis player of any level and age. Every issue includes lessons in print featuring world-famous pros, courtwise tips on play, and strategy and tactics from USPTA pros. Plus, interviews with top players, reports on new equipment, tennis schools, resorts and much, much more. Published ten times a year. Delivery of subscriptions It can sometimes take 60 to 90 days after placing your subscription for you to receive your first issue. Please allow 90 days before reporting failure to receive any issues. Please note that Online Sports only sells new subscriptions and cannot update any information on current subscriptions. Online Sports cannot renew current subscriptions. To update information you need to contact the publisher directly. To do this look at a current issue of the magazine for an address or phone number dealing with subscriptions. Online Sports cannot create new subscriptions for our international customers, only for our customers in the United States.

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