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The main approach to the game of tennis should be to have fun. Of all tennis tips available

for the aspiring player in this site, that one is the most overlooked.

Yes, to play it in a state of relaxation that you just hit your shots without undue pressure to yourself. Go out there, enjoy yourself. Laugh a lot. You may know how to play tennis but if winning is the be all and end all of your existence, it's not worth it.

Aren't we already burnt out by our jobs, or stressed out by freeway traffic, or thinking too much about how to put our kids to college? So, remember, the most important tennis tip is complete relaxation.

Go to the court wearing comfortable tennis clothing. As comfortable as you can be.

Your tennis apparel should not be too loose nor too tight. This page's tennis tip #2.

Then go out and play on the court every time like a kid out to play a "game". When a kid plays a game, he knows it will be fun. He enjoys every minute of it and derives so much pleasure in it.

He just savors every moment of the game, not thinking about those tennis trophies or winning that match.This page's tennis tip #3, play enthusiastically like a kid.

Although tennis is a precision game, that constitutes only half of what it should be. The other half is enjoyment.

People who are very good in the game had incorporated pleasure into each and every one of their strokes, be it the forehand or the backhand or the serve. When the body is in a relaxed state, it is able to execute repetitive actions much more efficiently.Tennis tip #4, Enjoy.

During practice sessions, let your body be relaxed. You will find that you'll be "in rhythm" much sooner. At that point, your body will find its own control through relaxation. You will be "in the groove", so to speak, and you'll find that you are able to execute your tennis strokes with authority. Tennis tip #5, with relaxation, comes the rhythm to your shots.

A very good tennis tip is to make it a habit to breathe deeply just before hitting the ball, whether it is from an opponent or bouncing from the wall. Imagine your body being bathed by air as you breathe deeply, your body relaxed and you are enjoying the shot. Tennis tip #6, breathe deeply before each shot.

Make it a habit as well to relax your shoulder, arm, and hand while waiting for the ball. Whether your opponent serves hard or easy, wait for the ball in a relaxed manner. You'll be surprised at how the body reacts to the ball in that state. When you are relaxed, your body is more efficient, your reaction time is faster, and your shots are more accurate.

Free your mind from worry and fear. Those emotions are paralyzing. Easy to say in the face of a tight match but getting worried and being afraid doesn't help at all. Tennis tip #7, play worry-free.

About tennis racquets...........And tennis tip #8, make the tennis racket an extension of your arm, a part of you. The tennis racket is your instrument and if it is to become a part of you, you need to hold it as often as you can. Holding the tennis racket often is the next best thing to practicing.

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This is the quickest way to improving your game and mental toughness. There are of course no substitutes for hours of practice, gaining experience and improving your strokes. Try these tennis mental tips and win more matches.

If you are looking for tennis tips that can revolutionize your game, Brent Abel is highly recommended. Go to his site,

"Brent offers a compelling, clearly articulated vision of both how to play the game as well as how to continue enjoying the game over a lifetime.

His material on strokes and strategy are time tested, I know they work (for I have been on the losing end of this material when playing against him.

He is one of only a handful of my colleagues that I would truly recommend to others. Immerse yourself in his material, and you will be paid dividends on the court every day."

•Jim McLennan, tennis teaching professional, senior editor, past president NorCal USPTA, and lifelong student of the game

Brent Abel can help you:

• Dramatically improve any or all of your tennis strokes...
- serve
- one-handed backhand groundstroke
- forehand groundstroke
- two-handed backhand groundstroke
- forehand and backhand volleys
- returns of serve for singles & doubles
- overhead
- lob
- drop shot

• Understand the simple yet essential keys to Footwork - yep, this is a game of movement, right?...! You can quickly improve a decisive first step, efficient movement, proper spacing away from the incoming ball for a perfect hitting position

• Develop the necessary mental skills for practice and competitionAre you sick and tired of playing great in practice situations and then stinking up the place in either league or tournament matches?

• Reap the benefits of becoming more focused on court positioning - Finally understand exactly how superior court positioning in your singles and doubles strategies can have an enormous effect on challenging your opponents,

• Get fitter and learn simple exercises for tennis specific injury prevention, greatly reduce the risk of of tennis elbow, rotator cuff, and other tennis related injuries

• Learn to become an "all-court" tennis player, how to stop being a one-dimensional predominately baseline player

• Enjoy this beautiful game for your lifetime, and while you're doing that...

• Just plain have more FUN with your tennis...!

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